SAP Students Speak

 Amrita:  "When I first joined SRM University, I was not planning to go for SAP but the Genetic Engineering department has motivated me by hosting SAP genetics program and other motivational talks and made me realize the importance of SAP. The department helped me in finding the right University for me to do my final year project. This process was comparatively easy because I dint have to apply directly to the University and instead it was via our department.
My lab mates have been supportive throughout my learning process. People here are really curious about Indian heritage and culture and when they see us, they get really curious and asks us questions about India and this made it easy for us to be friends with them."
 Amrita Varshini @ University of Zürich

 Ankita Choudhury: "I would strongly recommend my juniors to grab this opportunity as it would be very helpful not only for their career but it will expose them to a whole new world which will boost their confidence, help them to think independently and more innovatively."

Archana: "Since my very first year at SRM University, I was determined to apply for my final year project at Harvard University. So when the call for interviews to Harvard SAP came around during the final days of my sixth semester, I was excited! 

Being surrounded by so many brilliant people inspired me to study and work all the more harder at my craft. While there, I grabbed every opportunity I could and completed a course on Biomarker Science from the Harvard Catalyst. I also made many resourceful connections, and met some really awe-inspiring people!

To all my juniors who are looking to pursue their project at Harvard, I have three words for you: Go for it! It’s a dream come true!"

Archana with labmates @ Harvard Medical School

Bhagya Shree: "I always wanted to find a cure for an infectious disease like AIDS and now I am happy as I am in the right set of circumstance which will take me to the goal of fulfilling my wish. It is fun here as I get to know many people of different nationality, their culture and ethics. People here are friendly and easily approachable"

Bhagya Shree @ Yale University

Chaitanya: "I have always been eager to discover new places, cultures and different ways to work. Therefore, I was interested in the SAP program since I knew from its existence. With all the guidance and help from professors, friends and family I was proud to be the first student of my batch to get accepted for SAP program. 
Think about the topic you are truly interested in rather than choosing just depending on the University’s popularity or friend’s choices."

Chaitanya @ University of Zurich

Charan: "The SAP programme doesn’t just provide a wealth of academic opportunities — it also supplies much-appreciated support and guidance, not least of which comes from the fantastic group of other students within the programme"

Charan @ Uppasala University


Denna: "We have lab meeting and journal club once in a week and we attend talks by other researchers. It’s fascinating to know different project works going on in other lab and how their work is helpful for us."

  Denna @ Yale University (with Bhagya Shree)

 Dhriti: "The professors change our whole outlook on the subject with their expertise, offering key business information and industrially relevant knowledge, aspiring us to become entrepreneurs. The professors are internationally acknowledged academic, industrial and government experts. This enables us to get a real insight into the work they do as well."
  Dhriti, Dual degree student @ Warwick University

Dinesh: "The Opportunity for pursuing Semester aboard Program was given to me by Dr. M.Parani. Our senior (Sowmiya) who got placed in the Chandrasekharan lab explained him about our program and got an opening for a student."

Divya: "These 6 months of learning and experience about research was tremendous. This SAP program helped me improve my self-confidence and gave a very good opportunity to learn many things. I also suggest my juniors to utilize the SAP, because it provides a great platform to outshine in the research work and to self-evaluate your skills and learn new things."

Divya @ Taiwan

Divya MR: "I usually had to work in the lab from early morning to late night which made me learn many things including trouble shooting for many things. The environment is very safe and it provides all the perfect facilities for a student to study without any problems. My professor takes all initiatives to make sure that I learn what I’m really interested in and she even helped me to learn recent techniques that are available in other labs."

Divya MR with PI

 Haresh: "Going on a semester abroad program can be expensive, but a strong academic background can attract some scholarship opportunities during your six month tenure. So take every opportunity, embrace the culture and have a ball making new lifelong connections and remember, home is just a plane-trip away."

Haresh with Lab mates

Jithin Nambiar: "The application process was well structured and hassle free.  
Most of the course material in human molecular genetics was familiar thanks to the SRM genetic engineering syllabus."

Kingsley: "Tzu Chi University is one of the best places for students who are interested in research. All students will be allowed to use all the precious equipments and they are been allowed to do their project all by themselves. I am sure that once after coming here students will be more interested in research."
Kingsley with labmates

Krishnan: "I was working under the guidance of Dr. Ramya, She called me to her office and got me into Penn state stating that it would take only 3 Lakhs which was within my budget. In essence I have to thank Dr. Ramya for giving me this opportunity"

Logeshwaran: "I started my application process in mid-September and successfully got enrolled as Student Intern through Exchange Visitor Program in University of Washington. I would like to thank Dr. A. Devi who got me an opportunity to do my final year thesis in Hannele Ruohola-Baker Lab, University of Washington."

Mukunth: "After thoroughly searching online for research groups which catered to my interests and finally sending an email to the professor at my desired university, requesting him for a position in his lab. I applied to the University of California, San Diego. 

SAP gave me the opportunity to realize how it feels to live an independent life which brought a plethora of experiences. Overall, this SAP experience has opened my eyes to a whole new world of research. It helped me gain a lot of knowledge in a very short period of time and I now see a whole new world of possibilities."

  Mukunth with labmates

Nivedha: "We went to 6 th Annual Biophysics conference held in National Yang Ming University, Taipei along with my Professor and lab mates. The conference talk was about biophysics and Structural Bioinformatics which helps me to know about the recent research work in this field."

Pournima: "If you are interested in research, a semester abroad programme can definitely give you a better idea about scientific research . Also, if you wish to do masters after your BTech, it is very important to think about applying for it and not miss the application deadlines while applying for SAP."

Preethi K: "As young-little genetic engineers, we may be hypnotized with something in us saying ‘My Area of Interest’. Yes! It’s good to have that too... But also remember that we have JUST started to explore The Vast Science, not even knowing the many streams that are even more fascinating than what we have thought before. So, no matter what you may think to be your area of interest, if you are in association with a Professor who is Potential and Inspiring, then you are sure to find yourself in a great height in future"
Preethi K - Outing with Labmates

Preethi R: 

Preethi S: "I had gone outing, mid night breakfast and spent many sleepless nights playing pranks on our other friends. Overall from the SAP experience, I learnt to be independent, a better researcher, a better person and got many friends from different profession."
Preethi @ lab

Priya: "The international students’ week was very much interesting because we had an opportunity to represent India and our culture. We danced to the Indian songs and put mehndi designs the students and cooked delicious Indian food and served to the students. Overall I would like to say the SAP experience was like a roller coaster ride where I was able to face different situations and make my future goal vivid."


Roshini: "SAP has changed my personality in a positive angle. My confidence level has tremendously improved. I have the confidence of trying out things that I haven’t done before. I don’t have fear in asking questions and I have experienced trying out to solve and troubleshoot problems while carrying out research."

Sagar: "My interest increased due to Jithin Nambiar because we used to talk about Neuroscience, the projects going on all over the globe and especially we used to talk about Dr V S Ramachandran’s work.  So joined in neuroscience lab ofr my SAP. The overall SAP experience is wonderful and amazing. I would suggest that if you have difficulty in finding a lab of your interest you should communicate with the seniors and the professors without any hesitation."