Hund Wetzlar Microscope
Model H 600LL, Helmet Hund GmbH, Germany

       Our Laboratory is equipped with a Hund Wetzlar microscope model named H 600 LL which is a basic instrument for providing a strong light source without thermal stress on the specimen by offering a possibility of incorporating light through a fibre optic light guide. The basic components of this microscope are a binocular photo tube, eye pieces, objectives and a condenser. The binocular phototube helps in focusing both normal and low light intensity. The instrument is provided with different ranges of objectives and eye pieces of variable magnifications. Video cameras are fitted to the photo tube which is in turn connected to a computer through a USB cable. The microscopic images can be viewed in the computer provided with specific software. This software helps to report a fine and qualified image to the users by varying the fields of brightness and magnification. This specific microscope in the laboratory provides ample light for dark field and phase contrast investigations, thus we could use it for wide applications