Semester Abroad Program

More than 100 students of Genetic Engineering Department have gone for SAP

In this program the students can spend one semester abroad in a foreign university while they are still a student of SRM University. While it is common for the students to go abroad after finishing their studies in India, it is rare to go abroad while studying in India that too in undergraduate level. This would be possible only if the University has memorandum of understanding with the foreign Universities and willing to put extra effort to adjust the academic program in India to make the visit abroad possible. Under SAP, SRM University does not send students to unknown Universities but only to top ranking ones such as MIT, Harvard, Cornegie Mellon, University of California, and University of Dayton every year. Such a program does not exist even in IITs. There are student who join SRM just for the opportunities in SAP. Though money is required to undertake SAP, that is not the criteria to be selected for SAP. Only University toppers are eligible for SAP.Academically brilliant students with poor economic background have been given financial support by the SRM University. One of our students, Swagata Sharma who topped in her academics was financially supported to pursue SAP at Harvard University. Only University toppers are eligible for SAP. 
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III Year Genetic Engineering 
Shyama Nandakumar
Shobana Rajanesan

IV Year Genetic Engineering 
Anant Jain
Krithika Ramachandran 
Swagata Sharma
Sai Prasanna
Jayendra Kishore
Manchalu Srinivas

So far, 264 students of the Department of Genetic Engineering have gone to 54 different Universities and Institutions in 13 countries under the SAP. The complete list is given below.