Semester Abroad Program

More than 302 students of Genetic Engineering Department have gone for SAP

Semester Abroad Program is one such program where SRMIST is recognized across the globe by providing its student’s a unique international exposure and global opportunities to enhance their skills by working with eminent professors of the universities and accelerate their personal and career growth in India and overseas. Also, it provides an opportunity to work in cross-cultural and multi-national environment.

We are proud to say that about 302 students have availed SAP from our department, and this would not be possible without our faculty members, who made their effort in making the collaborations successful. Also, we believe that SAP will add a new dimension to our student’s research interests and develop expertise in various techniques which in turn will empower them with self-confidence and to become independent researchers.

Students of the Department of Genetic Engineering have gone to 54 different Universities and institutions in 13 countries under the SAP. The complete list is given below.
Click here to see the updated SAP list.