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SRM Institute of Science and Technology offers B.Tech Biotechnology with Genetic Engineering Specialization,  MTech Genetic Engineering and Ph.D.

The Department was established in the year 2009, offering B.Tech Genetic Engineering program and M.Tech Genetic Engineering program was launched in the year 2009. Since 2018, Genetic Engineering was offered as a specialization with B.Tech Biotechnology, and we still offer M.Tech Genetic Engineering as a core program. The uniqueness in teaching both the basics and advanced subjects through regular laboratory experiments. The advanced subjects include Gene transfer technology, DNA microarray technology, Gene therapy, Stem cell biology, Genome mapping, Molecular Medicine. We also have exceptionally talented faculty from varied field - Plant Genetics, Plant biotechnology, Genomics, Human Genetics, Microbial Genetics, Medical Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine, etc.  We have 7 advanced laboratories for teaching and research purposes, including Genomics lab, Molecular genetics lab, Genetic Engineering lab, Radioactive research lab.

We have 300 students currently pursuing their UG & PG programs and over 70 students doing their PhDs in our department.  

Scope of Genetic Engineering