Hybridization Oven
HB-1000 UVP, United Kingdom

Hybridiser Oven

Hybridization oven is used for nucleic acid hybridization (DNA, RNA hybridization). In this nucleic acid hybridization, the single stranded nucleic acid is allowed to interact with complementary sequences and forms hybrids. Hybridization can be done in all combinations such as DNA-DNA, DNA-RNA or RNA-RNA. Hybridization oven is made up of stainless steel and the temperature can be controlled till 99.9°C. The speed of rotation of the hybridization bottles can be controlled between 10-18 RPM, enabling consistent saturation of samples whether the samples is for washing or hybridizing. There is a large LED, which displays the current temperature inside the chamber which is present above a touch sensitive key pad for temperature control. There is a rotary wheel that can be removed and replaced with an interchangeable rocker plate. This plate can be removed and cleaned after use. The rotary wheel can hold 10 bottles of size 35 × 300 mm and 20 bottles of size 35 × 150 mm at same time and the speed of the rotor can be adjusted by RPM knob.