Decode, a hands-on workshop for school students!

             DeCode has been organized successfully every year from 2008 for school students in and around Chennai. DeCode focuses on enriching the practical knowledge for higher secondary students through hands on training in basic molecular techniques like DNA isolation, visualizing on gel, PCR and cytological techniques to view chromosomes at cellular level.
  • DNA was isolated from spring onions.
  • PCR:  The DNA isolated from them was amplified
  • Gel Electrophoresis:  The comparison of the genomic DNA and the amplified PCR product was visualized on the gel.
  •  Mitosis: The different phases of mitosis were observed in acetocarmine stained onion root tips.
DeCode is a workshop organised by the students with the help of the guidelines given by staffs.  DeCode, has trained nearly 200 students till date. Last year we had nearly trained 130 students from Chennai. 

Preview of Decode 2010:

- S.Poovitha
  Co-ordinator, DeCode Workshop

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