Gel Documentation System
Multi Doc-It Digital Imaging System, Cambridge, UK

      The gel documentation system is primarily used for documenting nucleic acids in agarose gels and proteins in acrylamide gels after staining. The Multi Doc-It Digital Imaging System mainly consists of a digital camera, bench top UV transilluminator, overhead white light and a UV filter and a software for image analysis. The digital camera has a built in zooming lens. The UV transilluminator works with the voltage of 230V and current of 0.6 amps. The ultraviolet radiation of 302nm is illuminated.  The UV filter absorbs the UV radiation from the transilluminator thus enhancing the orange coloured bands generated by ethidium bromide gels. The above components are placed inside a dark chamber which provides a dark environment for UV illumination. It is also provided with a wide access door and a UV blocking window to view the gel. This documentation system is embedded with Doc-It LS acquisition software which is loaded to the computer and it controls the camera functions and enhances the UV transillumination. The camera in the documentation system is connected to a computer through a USB port and the image can be accessed in the computer using the software.