Incubator (Shaker/Static)
Orbitek, Scigenics Biotech Ltd, India

                        Static Incubator
Shaker Incubator
Incubators of both shaking and static types are widely used to cultivate the microbes like bacteria, fungi, and actinomycetes. Using these incubators, temperature, and agitation can be controlled accurately. We can adjust the temperature from ambient to 65°C and it is fitted with a safety thermostat to maintain the temperature. The incubators with cooling facility can maintain temperatures 15°C below ambient temperature. Plate cultures are usually incubated in the static incubator and the liquid cultures either in test tubes or conical flasks ranging from 50 ml to one litre are maintained in shaking type incubator to obtain the uniformity in growth. The digital display unit indicates the RPM and temperature which is currently maintained. The instrument can be operated from 30 to 350 revolutions per minute. These instruments work with the power supply of 230 Volts. Transformed Escherichia coli containing recombinant plasmids are grown in these incubators.