Research Experience at France, IGBMC

It has been 3 months since I arrived in Institut de Genetique et de Biologie Moleculaire et Cellulaire (I.G.B.M.C), France. I landed on the most beautiful city in the world, Paris and had a wonderful opportunity to ride the World’s fastest train TGV to a beautiful little city of Strasbourg. I was welcomed by Nasim Vasli, a PhD student from my lab who took me to meet my Thesis Advisor Dr.Jocelyn Laporte.
After the warm welcome I was introduced to Dr.Belinda Cowling, a Post-Doctoral Researcher with whom I have been working in the project. I was then showed to my own workbench and supplies.  It took a couple of days to get used to the lab, equipments and stocks but by the end of the week I was a part of the Team. People here are so patient and down to earth clarifying every doubt I have and helping and supporting me in every way possible.

My project is on “Role of Dynamin 2 in Skeletal Muscle and its implication in Centronuclear Myopathy”. Centronuclear Myopathy is a Neuromuscular Disorder which is the principle interest of investigation of the team. The first two weeks were spent on reading papers and review articles to familiarize myself with the topic. I have also had training for Animal handling and Fluorescent Microscopy.  
My project involves the use of mice models to study the phenotype and also to perform therapeutic experiments. So I have learned the techniques of animal handling and sacrifice. The one thing I love about my team is the communication. We have lab meetings every week to update the team members on what everyone is working on, Journal clubs to discuss new ideas, Human Genetics meeting to know about the projects of the other teams and to learn about new papers and techniques and also a personal meeting with Dr.Jocelyn Laporte to discuss the progress of the project and also to get suggestions on future experiments.

The lab members are very friendly and fun loving with a lot of celebrations and fun traditions of the lab. Living in a multicultural team with members from about seven different nationalities, gives me more to learn than just science. And there are so many Indians here in I.G.B.M.C that you will never feel lost or lonely.
I really thank SRM University for providing such a great chance and many thanks to Dr.M.Parani for making this amazing learning experience possible. I thank Dr.Belinda Cowling for teaching me a lot in this project internship and guiding me and supporting me in every possible way. I also thank Dr.Jocelyn Laporte for providing this opportunity in his laboratory with a stipend to support my stay here in France.

- Sushmitha,
  IVth B.Tech Genetic Engineering
  SRM University