Walk-in Tissue Culture & Transgenic Plant Facility

The Walk-in Tissue Culture and Transgenic Plant Facility at the Department of Genetic Engineering was fabricated by our own engineers with funding from Central Council for Research in Ayuveda and Siddha of the Department of AYUSH under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. As the name suggests, unlike the plant growth chamber this facility is much bigger that you can walk inside the chamber and observe your culture and plants growing in vitro under extremely sterile and controlled conditions.

Walk-in Tissue Culture and Transgenic Plant Facility enables the researcher to maintain controlled growing conditions of temperature or temperature and humidity in a 24 hour period with independent selection of photoperiods. A full range of "day/night" cycles with "dawn/dusk" effects can be programmed. It allows the researcher access to most world climatic conditions while eliminating the variability found in nature.

Growing Area                                                       100 m2
Minimum Temperature (Lights on)                       15°C
Minimum Temperature (Lights off)                       10°C
Humidity Range (Lights on)                                  55 to 80%
Humidity Range (Lights off)                                  60 to 90%