Transient gene expression is a fast, flexible and reproducible approach to high-level expression of useful proteins. Transient gene expression represents an appealing and complementary alternative to the development of stable cell lines for the expression of bioengineered proteins. Classic transient expression protocols involve short-term production of proteins over a span of days to a couple of weeks. There are a wide variety of viral and non viral vector systems through which transient gene transfer can be done. Major vehicles for expression of these transient proteins are plant, insect and mammalian cells. This technology of transiently expressing a gene coding for a pharmaceutically important protein will highly increase the availability of biotherapeutics for personalized medicine, vaccines for possible pandemics, orphan drugs, and a range of recombinant viruses for gene therapy. In this report a summary of all the available techniques for transient gene expression is given along with the types of vectors and host cells used giving high emphasis on mammalian expression systems.

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