32nd Rank Holder in CSIR-NET-LS chases her dream to pursue research in Neurogenetics

Interviewing Sansrity Sinha (M.Tech Genetic Engineering) for clearing CSIR-NET -LS June 2012 with 32nd Rank.

Rekha: On the behalf of Department of Genetic Engineering, I congratulate you for 
            securing 32nd rank in CSIR-NET -LS. 
Sansrity: Thanks, Ma'am

Rekha: How do you feel cracking the CSIR with 32nd Rank?
Sansrity: I feel happy and very glad that I cleared the exam. It was not expected that 
              too such a high rank.

Rekha: What is your area of interest? What is your future plan? 
Sansrity: In my 12th Std, my aim is to work in Neuroscience, So I cleared the entrance 
              exams for MBBS. But I felt lifescience is better for research than choosing
              medicine. So I chose Biotechnology in B.Tech and Genetic Engineering in 
             M.Tech. I am very happy to have my career in life science. 

Rekha: Whats your plan now with CSIR-NET-LS fellowship?
Sansrity: I want to apply for CSIR-JRF December in 2012 and apply for Ph.D in CSIR 
               labs.I am aiming for CSIR-Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship in 
              this December.

Rekha: All the best, Sansrity. So tell us how did you prepare for the exam?
Sansrity: Thanks, Ma'am. I always study basic concepts clearly. I never studied for 
               exam point of view. It helped me a lot to clear the exam. And also I took 
               practice tests in Biotechnika.

Rekha: Any tips for your friends / Juniors? 
Sansrity: Most of the questions are from B.Tech. So be clear on your basics.