Credit Seminar on Organelle Genome Sequencing- Current Status and Applications

An organelle is a specialized subunit within a cell that has a specific function. Two broad classes of organelles are Mitochondria and Chloroplast (plastids). Since mitochondria and chloroplasts are maternally inherited and have unique features in evolution, DNA sequences of those organelle genomes have been broadly used in phylogenetic studies. Organelle genome is of interest because of their possible bacterial origins, relationship to evolution of nuclear genome, their role in eukaryotic cell energy production etc. These sequence data are also used to identify single nucleotide polymorphism markers, forensics, detection of body parts from protected and threatened species etc.

Name of the Student : N. Manothi Smitha
Reg No: 1741210002
Batch: M.Tech II Year
Name of the Guide: Dr. N. Purushothaman