Credit seminar on Rhizosphere Engineering

The rhizosphere is a largely unexplored frontier for genetic engineering. Rhizosphere (Rhizo-root, sphere-field or area of influence, physical location around the root). It is a variable region where the root production stimulates microbial population and activity. Processes in the rhizosphere influence plant disease, plant nutrition and root architecture by affecting the dynamics of microbial populations and communities. Plants can be engineered to modify the rhizosphere pH or to release compounds that improve nutrient availability, protect against biotic and abiotic stresses, or encourage the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms.. This review strategies for manipulating plants, microbes and root-associated microorganisms to improve plant health and productivity.

Name of the Student: R. Beena Kanimozhi
Reg No: 1741210022 
Batch : M.Tech II Year 
Name of the guide: Dr. B. Usha