The quality and quantity of purified nucleic acids and proteins play a key role in most of the genetic engineering related experiments. Nanodrop Lite is a microvolume Uv-Vis Spectrophotometer used to measure the purity and concentrations of nucleic acids and proteins. A sample volume of only 1 µl is required for detrmining its concentration and purity. The nanodrop emits UV rays ranging from 260nm to 280 nm in wavelength through the sample at a path length of 0.5mm. The rays are then captured using a silicon photodiode and the readings converted to concentration using built in software. The instrument has to be blanked first using the solvent used to dissolve your sample. The absorbance of the sample is then measured, normalized against the blank and calculated and converted to equivalent concentratrion using the preloaded molar extiction coeffitients based on type of sample used. The dtection range for double stranded DNA is between 4 ng/µl to 1500 ng/µl and for that of protein standard Bovine sreum albumin is 0.12 mg/ml to 45mg/ml. It also calculates the purity of nucleic acids by taking the ratio of absorbance at 260nm and 280nm.