Microplate Reader

Microplate readers are instruments which are used to detect biological reactions of samples in microtiter plates. Most commonly 96 well plates are used with a volume ranging from 100 to 200 μl. Absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence can be detected using this reader.  They can be used for a wide range of wavelength. The absorption value of 96 samples can be observed within a few seconds. The experimental values are determined from the standard curve. This curve uses standards of known concentration to generate a line of best fit or standard curve. The values of the test samples are then obtained from the standard curve or are calculated using the equation from the linear regression. Standards and samples are run along with blank, positive and negative controls on the multiwell plate to check whether it is working correctly.  The instrument is connected to the monitor where the results are displayed. Microplate readers are used to quantify compounds, assays of various metabolic processes, kinetic studies.