Hands on Workshop on DNA BARCODING OF PLANTS

 DNA barcoding facilitates fast and reliable taxonomic identification of organisms using short DNA sequences. It has become popular in academic research to address societal issues such as resolve taxonomic conflicts, biodiversity, environment monitoring, herbal product authentication and quality control. This three day workshop will provide a practical overview of the conceptual and analytical aspects of DNA barcoding of plants. This workshop is primarily aimed at training, students and researchers with interest in plant identification through molecular based identification of plant species through DNA sequencing approach.

Following topics will be covered;

• Molecular techniques (DNA isolation, PCR, Electrophoresis, preparation of PCR product for Sanger’s sequencing) for generating DNA barcodes

• DNA barcoding informatics (assessing sequence quality, estimating molecular authentication & identifying unknown sequences against reference databases)


Organizer : Dr. M. Parani, Professor

For registration and other query, contact to R. Balaji, PhD Research Scholar

Email: br3043@srmist.edu.in, Mobile: +91 9865384408


Travelling allowance, Food and Accommodation will not be provided by the organizers.

Participants have to make their own arrangements. Refreshments will be provided for the

participants during the programme.

Welcome kit, workshop manual, participation certificate will be provided.


For all Rs. 500/-

Mode of payment : Online Transfer

(Note: First 20 seats only)


Apply through Google form (https://bit.ly/3IaIr9G) along with payment details.

Account Name: Genetic Engineering Association; Account Number: 117001000403689;

Bank Name: City Union Bank, Tambaram; IFSC Code: CIUB0000117