Congrats! Prajitha K Rajan on your Publication

Dr. Siva and team published "A comprehensive overview on the anti-inflammatory, antitumor, and ferroptosis functions of bromelain: an emerging cysteine protease" a review paper in Expert opinion on Biological therapy journal. 

Brief abstract of the work:
The stem and fruit tissue component of pineapple (Ananus Comosus) are rich in endopeptidase cysteine protease enzyme: Bromelain (BRL). An overview on the methods of BRL isolation, safety, efficacy and its therapeutic (anti-inflammatory, antitumor, and ferroptosis) potential are well-documented here. Furthermore, the most recent evidence-based details on the in vitro, in vivo, clinical perspective of BRL are collected and represented. In addition, commercial and translational value of BRL including its mechanism of action and salubrious pan-cancer effects are extensively reviewed in the article.

Congrats Dr. Sivaramakrishnan and Team!! Click to view the paper online