Hands-on-training on Recombinant DNA Technology

Hands-on-training on Recombinant DNA Technology' targets the school teachers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The program's main objective is to provide hands-on training to teachers who handle standard XI and XII on Recombinant DNA technology. Tamil Nadu state education board contains Biotechnology and Recombinant DNA syllabus for standard XI and XII. The teacher training program on the technique will provide understanding among the teachers of the technique, principle and the outcome so that they will be in a better position to disseminate the obtained knowledge to the students.

Venue : B507, Bio-Engineering

Number of participants : 20 (first-come-first basis)

Registration fee : INR. 500 (Payment details will be provided to registered candidates)

(Working lunch and certificate included)

Registration link : https://forms.gle/hYMnesQZDGLjovuV7

Registration deadline : 1st July 2022

Event organizer : Dr. D. Rex Arunraj/Dr. S. Iyappan

Associate Professor, Genetic Engineering

For details: rexarund@srmist.edu.in, iyappans@srmist.edu.in, 9444025651, 9840418289