Support for GM crops,in face of rising food costs

An article published recently in Farmers Weekly August issue about the recent interest on "GM crops" in face of rising food costs.

More than a third of shoppers think genetically-modified foods should be allowed to be sold in the UK.

Research carried out on behalf of the Crop Protection Agency found 35% of consumers would support GM foods being stocked on supermarket shelves, while 37% think they should be allowed if they were nutritious.

In the face of rising grocery bills, the number of people who said they would back GM food rose to 44% if the technology kept food prices down. That figure increased to 46% if GM foods proved safe for the environment.

The findings came after 1,009 UK shoppers were asked about their concerns about food security. Conducted by Network Research between 16 and 19 May this year, the research also aimed to find out how rising food prices were affecting people's shopping and consumption habits.