Semester Abroad Program(SAP) - Genetic Engineering, SRM University

I am really feeling very fortunate to write this column about my SAP experience. I am doing my undergraduation final year project in Brigham Women Hospital which is basically affiliated to Harvard Medical School, Boston. I have spent last 20 days of my life running in the corridors of the labs of Harvard Medical School, those labs which are considered to be the best in the world, those which have produced hundreds of noble laureates and I will be here for 5 months till the beginning of February.

To begin with my SAP experience, I must say it is very early for me to write about it but what I learn and experience in this short time is not that less. Here, my project will be on the study of tumor induced angiogenesis in Zebra fish embryo. Initially I am undergoing training to handle fish and learning methods to breed and grow them in laboratory condition. I am sure none of us has the experience of handling transgenic animals...but trust me it is very exciting to try something we have never done before. This program is not like other SAP programs where you are made to attend classes in a different university. It is totally lab experience where you will have the chance to work with some dedicated, knowledgeable people who love science and make you also fall in love with science. It is really enjoyable to work in such a friendly atmosphere.

I must express my sincere gratitude to the Department of Genetic Engineering for their support and help and also SRM University for making this program available for us. I also would like to thank all the people of International Relations Office, SRM University for their guidance. Last but most importantly I would like to thank my parents, my whole family and friends for their love and care.

- Swagata,
  SAP student at Harvard Medical School,
  Final Year B.Tech Genetic Engineering