Untapped potential of Clitoria ternatea: Cyclotide - Credit Seminar Series by Ajith S M.Tech IInd Year

Clitoria ternatea Linn (CT), a perennial herb with its immense medicinal values has attracted the research communities in several countries. The plant is having strong broad spectrum antibacterial activities, antifungal, anthelmintic and antioxidant properties. Apart from these properties, a recent article showcases its role in cytotoxic effects proving an effective utility of the plant in cancer therapy. Most of the reported medicinal properties of Clitoria ternatea are attributes of a cyclic seed peptide called Cyclotides. Cyclotides are macrocyclic plant proteins of 28-37 amino acids which act as a defense mechanism in various species. Screening of seed extract of Clitoria ternatea showed presence of a consortium of Cyclotides that gives insecticidal and larval inhibitory properties. Even though research in this area is in progress, till date no commercial application of the cyclotides have been reported. Larvicidal properties of Clitoria ternatea can be targeted for mosquito larvicidal activities, which is an eco friendly approach. The expression of Cyclotides being highly species specific, genetic engineering is restricted to certain plant species including Fabaceae. Hence Clitoria ternatea offers a bright future in understanding Cyclotide biosynthetic pathway and cyclization strategies.

Venue: B404 Class Room
Date: 12/09/11
Time: 9.30am