We Brewed Wine!!!!!!!!

Once in a lifetime experience is what I can define Wine Making as!

This experience gave us the opportunity to find out first hand how wine is brewed and furthermore we actually got to do it ourselves. I still remember the excitement when we were assigned wine making as a mini-project. And everything else just fell into place. We immediately formed a group and started working on it. We wanted to think out of the box. technically, we wanted to brew a non-grape wine. We came up with Pear finally. We bought the fruits, made juice and followed the protocol.It gave us an opportunity to learn a lot about wine making. It was a very different experience trying to brew wine. It was not easy at all. We faced so many difficulties and shortcomings throughout the process of making wine but inspite of everything, we didnt give up. We continued working hard on it. And in the end........... It was WINE!!!!!!!!!

This amazing experience ended with a cava tasting. It was truly a memorable time making wine. :)

Find about WINE here..

Me and my friends - Aishwarya, Abhirami, Apoorva, myself and Abhishek Gupta.

-Abhishek Sampath
IIIrd B.Tech Genetic Engineering