Credit Seminar On A Review On Bioactive Compounds From Microalgae


Microalgae are a biochemically diverse assemblage of microorganisms amenable to fermentation and mass culture. Including the cyanobacteria and nearly a dozen eukaryotic classes, microalgae produce a wide array of compounds with biological activity. These include antibiotics, algicides, toxins, pharmaceutically active compounds and plant growth regulators. Recently, microalgae have become targets for screening programmes in search of novel compounds of potential medicinal value. Secondary metabolite production by microalgae varies with environmental conditions. When these processes are better understood, microalgae might become economic sources of new drugs and other specialty chemicals because production can be optimized in controlled culture.
Student: Tania Ahalya Thimraj, IInd M.Tech Genetic Engineering

Date: 21.10.2011
Venue: B(404)Classroom
Time: 1.30 pm