Credit Seminar on Transient Expression of Proteins in Plants

“Transient Expression” is a very prominent technique compare to stable expression technique because of its quick expression within 4-5 days after inoculation and its is mostly used for protein expression. In this report I am going to discuss about transient expression and how can it over dominance the stable expression by its special features and its applications. Transient Expression has been used to express some proteins along with some reporter proteins lik  Beta-gluconurosidase, Green fluroscent protein (GFP),Yellow fluroscent protein(YFP) and protein kinase with   high success rate in plants like Tomato, Potato, Tobacco and Arabdopsis etc. Now days this Transient expression is frequently used by Biopharmaceuticals fields to produce proteins and antibodies to treat the diseases.

Student: Md Saifulla Basha, IInd M.Tech Genetic Engineering
Venue: B404 
Date & Time: 17/10/2011 & 9.30am