How to prepare presentation slides for project reviews?

B.Tech and M.Tech final year students can check the model ppt slides for their presentation.

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v v raj kamal davu said...

1. In first slide put, project title , project members and project guide name

2. In second slide put, objective and scope of the project work (Very important)

3. In third slide, introduction to project area (like cloud computing, MANET, ….)

4. In fourth slide, concepts of existing system (clearly mention)

5. In fifth slide, concepts of proposed system

6. In sixth slide, proposed architecture diagram (architecture diagram clearly draw and explain)

7. In seventh slide, list out the modules name for proposed system

8. In next slide, module explanation with necessary diagrams

9. In next slide, software and hardware requirements for the projects

10. In next slide, explain about literature survey papers (minimum 10 papers) like the following

a. Paper name- in correct format

b. Concept of the paper

c. Algorithm/Technique used

d. Merits of the paper

e. Demerits of the paper

11. In next slide list out the reference papers

12. Finally put clear conclusion about the project work

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