Credit Seminar on Serum Proteomics and its Applications

Serum proteomics has become a keystone of multiple disciplines, including clinical chemistry, disease diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring. Serum of the blood anchors thousands of distinct proteins, which originate from cells and tissues through either secretion or outflow from blood cells or tissues. Since proteins are responsible for all biological process in an individual or organisms, changes in the concentration or to their structure are likely to reflect the effects of a disease, thereby making proteins attractive candidates in research. Proteomics typically gives a better understanding of an organism than genomics. Serum proteomics have integrated with other disciplines like molecular biology, system biology, genetics and bioinformatics for precise output. This review examines the potential of serum proteomics and its application mainly in clinical field. For example proteomic analysis of human serum from patients with temporal lobe epilepsy have identified 12 serum proteins that are potentially useful biomarkers for the diagnosis and monitoring of temporal lobe epilepsy. Considering the efficiency of serum proteomics it holds a promise to fast track the discovery of novel protein biomarkers for disease diagnosis and treatment. 

Name: Anupa Varughese 
Reg No:1741110004 
Guide Name: Dr. Srividhya R
Date: 20-09-2012 
Time: 11:30 AM 
Venue: 701(B) (sixth floor)