Credit Seminar on Nuclear Matrix Protein: is a Possible Breast Cancer Biomarker?

By 2012 it is estimated that 226,870 women will be diagnosed and 39,570 women will die of breast cancer (National Cancer Institute). Though breast cancer is curable at early stages, many women die of breast cancer. This may be due to the lack of precise molecular techniques for early detection and highly reliable biomarkers. The major challenge in using biomarkers is its sensitivity and specificity. This can be overcome by using Nuclear Matrix Protein (NMP) as biomarkers, which constitute only 1% of the cellular proteins and is also specific for each tissue type. In this review report, the high resolution techniques used to detect the breast cancer specific NMP has been discussed. High resolution 2D gel electrophoresis is done and checked with mass spectrometry, which is cross checked by 1D immunoblotting. Three NMPs were identified and reported.

Name: Janani Priya M.Tech II Year
Reg.No: 1741110022
Guide Name: Mrs. Rekha
Date: 25.09.12
Time: 2.20 PM
Venue: 701 (B)