Credit seminar on Abiotic Stress Tolerant Transgenic Crops

Plants are challenged by a large number of environmental stresses that reduce productivity and even cause death. Environmental stresses like salinity, drought and temperature are the major factors limiting growth and development of crops. Plants respond to stresses through a wide range of reactions from morphological changes to alterations in the patterns of protein expression. Understanding the mechanisms involved in the stress response is the first step to develop abiotic stress tolerant crops. Because of the nature of abiotic stress, intracellular compartments play a main role in the stress response. Subcellular proteins such as ion and water transporters, reactive oxygen species (ROS), and the proteins related to signaling and transcriptional regulation are frequently reported as being involved in stress tolerance. Over expression of stress-responsive genes and proteins through generation of transgenic plants is one of the main practical approaches in production of tolerant plants and their ability to survive highly stressful conditions and their functions in plant defense.

Name of the Student : R.Jeevitha
Reg no: 1741210031
Batch: M.Tech II Year
Name of the Guide:  Dr. B. Usha