Credit Seminar on Cell-Cell Interaction and Extracellular Matrix

The ability of cells to communicate with one and another is an important hallmark in multicellular organisms. This enables the cells to interact with each other and enable the organism to function as a whole instead of a mass made up of individual subunits. This communication happens through various receptors and signals which are specific to each cell. It is only because of such specificity each cell is able to receive its specific signal amidst millions of signals processed by the numerous cells of our body. Loss in specificity or improper functioning of these signals lead to numerous diseases. ECM (extra cellular matrix) is a covering which give shape and structure to each cell. It differentiates one cell from another. In addition to all this it also plays an important role in cell-cell interaction mechanisms with the help of its components. It helps the stem cells to interact with other cells and help in tissue or organ repair in a fetus. Over production of its components or malfunctiong of ECM paves way for carcinogenesis and metastasis.

Name of the Student: Janani I
Reg No: 1741210014
Batch: M.Tech II Year
Name of the Guide : Mr.N.Arul jothi