Credit Seminar on Mutation Leads to Evolution

Mutation is the raw material for Evolution. There are many other factors like Inbreeding, Crossbreeding and selection in Evolution. Although mutation is regarded as the ultimate source of Genetic variation, its role in evolution is considered to be minor. This is because mutation occurs repeatedly at the phenotypic level. Mutations are of three types Neutral, Deleterious and Beneficial. Neutral mutations are frequent and it does not have any effect on evolution and they do not affect the population. Deleterious mutation either kills or make organism difficult to survive, it may also lead to Genetic Disorder and it will be eliminated from population. Beneficial mutations are rare. It is the primary source of evolution. This mutation conveys some advantage to the individuals that possess them and spread through population. This depends on specific environment.

Name : Pratheppa R
Reg No: 174121004
Batch :  M.Tech II Year