Credit Seminar on Therapeutic Protein Production in Animal and Plant Cell Cultures

Therapeutic proteins have been emerging in prominence as potential drug candidates for the future to treat patients suffering from various diseases like cancers, heart attacks, strokes, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, anemia, hemophilia, Gaucher’s disease etc. They are produced by cloning and expressing the cDNA encoding heterologous proteins in to various sources like living micro organism, plants and animals. Till date therapeutic proteins like erythropoietin, interleukin -2 and interleukin- 4, Factor VIII, interferon β, monoclonal antibodies and antibodies like IgM, IgG have been produced in various sources. Here, I have discussed in detail about production of therapeutic proteins in animal and plant cells cultures, different cell lines used, Sources required for their production, Various techniques for protein purification, advantages and draw backs of both plant and animal cell culture system for therapeutic protein production.

Name of the Student : Shabrien
Reg No: 1741210013
Batch: II Year
Name of the Guide : Mr.P Rathinasabapathi