Credit Seminar on DNA Motors and Computers

In vivo mechanism of protein and DNA interaction has been under study since the days of discovery of DNA structure. The enzymatic processes have been understood at the molecular level with finely resolved structures of proteins at the dispense of protein chemists as a result of advancement in crystallography. As a broader picture evolved the knowledge of molecular interactions inside the living systems we have come to realize how the laws of physics hold good at the cellular level. 
Supplementing this knowledge is the area of nanotechnology; an area of nano-scale engineering. It is no wonder scientists like to use biomolecules, which are basically nanoparticles to produce engineered constructs not existing in nature, or to assemble the same molecules with a predicted function, such as DNA based nano-motors. 
DNA based mathematical logic gates are the building blocks of DNA computers. DNA with programmed sequence is being studied as a potential drug delivery system capable of determining dosage, dispensing and monitoring the drug concentration in the blood. DNA computers are good at performing designated function but it should be noted that they are not to be perceived at par silicon based computers. However, recent advancement in technology has proven that it is possible to store huge amount of data in the form of DNA relatively cheaply and safely

Name of the Student : Ravi Umadi
Reg No: 1741210050
Batch: M.Tech II Year
Name of the Guide: Dr. Raja N S